Ready for Adoption: Bobby!

Our friend, Bobby, is 12 going on 2. He has lived most of his life with a “family” who loved him so much that when they needed to move, they dumped him on our rescuer’s doorstep at 11pm. He didn’t even know his own name. He is like a young pup who has been waiting for his chance to really live. He loves going for walks, the wind in his hair, marrow bones, and bacon. Lots of bacon. He is crate trained, good with other dogs, soooooo sweet. Bobby has waited his whole life for someone to love him. Please don’t let his rescue be in vain.

His adoption fee is $500, and while he know this is a lot for an older dog, we want him to go to someone who will have the financial resources to manage his medical expenses as he ages. It is so sad that a dog’s life is shorter than a humans - maybe because they don’t need as much time to make things right. We want the years that Bobby has left to make up for lost time. We want him to be adopted by someone who will let him live 20 years in the last few he will have. He doesn’t act older and know that with the right people he will thrive! Message us if you want to be Bobby’s forever.

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