Tuesday, November 27, 2018


Hi Everyone,

As we are approaching that holiday season and some of us will be shopping online...especially via Amazon, may we ask a favor of you?

Please shop via Smile.Amazon.com and select World Animal Guardians as charity of choice to help WAG rescue more dogs! The shopping experience stays the same but smile knowing that you are helping lots of dogs in need! Thank you so much!


Robbin Hood

Remember Robbin Hood? Well, he found his forever family before he even arrived and he loves them plus they love him! It’s like it was meant to be... Thank you to Lorna and family for giving RH an awesome loving home!! Happy trails and tails, RH!!


Fox found her forever Mom and home!! She’ll be a Pennsylvanian resident! Fox will have kitty siblings! Fox, we know that you will have a great life with Ann! Thank you Ann for giving Fox a warm and loving home! Happy Tails, Fox!!


Happy Adoption Day, Ivory!! We’re so happy that you have been adopted by this wonderful family! Ivory has gained a girl dog sibling named Jingle (lab/hound mix), 2 human sisters, 2 human brothers, and pawrents of course! From the cruel Kuwait Friday Market to the Maryland countryside...you are destined for an awesome life, Ivory!! Thanks to this family to opening up their hearts and home to another rescued dog! Happy Tails, Ivory!!


Congrats to Lady, now Daisy on finding her forever home with Jenna in NYC!! Daisy is such a sweet and friendly dog and we’re sure she’s gonna be a great WAG ambassador in NYC! Thanks for giving her a warm and loving home, Jenna! Happy Trails and Tails, Daisy!


Happy Adoption Day, sweet Desery!! She is now Asha! Such a beautiful fit with this family on so many levels! Enjoy those burger chews and couch potato-ing, Asha!! Thanks to this awesome family who is willing to give Asha a forever home! Happy Tails, Asha!


Congratulations,Tay!! She’s one of Nessy’s pups and she’s now Penny!! Enjoy your warm loving home with your new pawrents who are so excited to have you! Happy Trails and Tails, Penny!


Congratulations to Nessy - now named Luna after the moon goddess - because a goddess she is - on her Adoption!! Nessy was found in the desert and after chasing down our rescuers gave birth to five beautiful puppies - Lomond nka Dez, Sheil nka Carpaccio, Katrine, Tay and Maree. Luna has gained a little furry sister named Piper and a doting mom - Lynne. Best wishes to Luna and her new family on a happy life together!


Congratulations to Izabella! She made her forever home with Robert and Saluki-brother, Merlin, on October 4th. We waited for Robert to send a photo of all 3 together as Izabella and Merlin were too shy on adoption day to sit for a photo! Robert sent us a nice update and let us know that Merlin and Izabella are doing wonderful together and he is very happy with her!


Congrats Penguin!! We know you’ll have a lot of fun and adventure with your mom in Harrisburg, PA!! From being dumped at the Kuwait Friday Market to a life in PA with a wonderful lady who is so excited to have you in her life! Happy Tails, little one...Penguin! ❤️


The day is finally here!! Happy Adoption Day, Ragnar!! Ragnar is now a DC dog! From the brutal Kuwait Friday Market to DC with an awesome guy who is going to take him on his runs and hikes! Happy Tails, Ragnar! ❤️


Congrats to Noodle, now Luna!!! She has the best home with the best pawrents for her and a pack brother, Louie!! Luna went from being on the desert farm of Kuwait where it was stinking hot in the summer to a loving and warm home. Thanks to Annette and Tim! Happy Tails, Luna!! ❤️


Milky (now Fin) went from Kuwait Friday Market hell when he was rescued in January 2018 to a perfect home with Molly who loves him so very much!! Milky/Fin has gained two US cat siblings and an awesome Mom! Enjoy the cuddles, snuggles, and green grass, Fin! Happy Tails, Fin!


This is a Thanksgiving story for sure...3 months ago, the Lunas adopted BoBo (Boston) and today, they have gotten a pack sibling brother for him!! Congrats Krypto (now Rio) on being the newest member of this awesome family!! Wishing you lots of brotherly love play and lots of adventures! Happy trails and tails, Rio/Krypto


These boys were sooooooo excited for their first doggy!!! Today, they got to adopt a rescued doggy, Brony who is now Bruno! Bruno was left at the grooming shop in Kuwait by his previous owners. They never bothered coming back for him, they basically abandoned him. Thankfully he found a wonderful foster in Kuwait and now a perfect furever family here in the US! Enjoy those cuddles and kisses, Bruno! May you continue to indulge in doggy dances! Happy Tails, Bruno!


Congrats Stan on your adoption day to Claire and Dennis! Stan went from being rescued off the streets in Kuwait to living in the ‘burbs with a fenced in yard! He is definitely moving on up! Stan is extremely lucky to have found a perfect quiet home! Happy Tails, Stan!


Congratulations Beethoven/Beetho on your adoption day!! This is such a great fit. We know you’ll be spoiled by your new Mom with lots of natural chews and hikes! Happy Trails and Tails, Beetho!

Wednesday, October 31, 2018



Woohoo!! Polly has found her forever home!! She’s also now Caroline! Sweet Caroline is loving her new Mom!! It has been a long wait but some good things a worth a long wait (for both parties)! Happy Tails, Sweet Caroline!!


Hearty congratulations to Harrison (now Indy)! He was adopted on October 4 by this wonderful family several states up north! Indy lucked out with a great family who had been anxiously awaiting for his arrival! From Kuwait Friday Market nightmare to what you see in this pic...all in a matter of several months! Thanks to his new family for welcoming him with open arms. Happy Tails, Indy!

Chok Dee

Wishing Chok Dee the very best with his new adopted family! He has a little sister, Lily to keep him company and play with daily! Thanks to this wonderful family for giving Chok Dee a chance! Happy Trails & Tails, Chok Dee!


Woohoo!! Lomond now Dez has found his forever home with this very lovely couple!! They met him at DogFest...and now, they are his forever pawrents! Dez is up to 29 lbs and growing! He is still a very chill puppy and loves chewing on antlers, and getting pets from humans! Happy Tails, Dez!

Saturday, October 13, 2018

Kinds of Dogs in Kuwait

Good Afternoon! We are asked all of the time “What kind of dogs are in Kuwait?” The answer is all kinds! People import dogs, and then dump them. More money than sense. They steal them from their mothers when newly born, or out of their packs in the street in an attempt to make a dime by selling them in the God Awful Friday Market. And when that doesn’t work, they dump them. They refuse to have their pets spayed or neutered and puppies are born and you guessed it - they dump them. So really not much different than here in the USA.

The big difference is that there are no laws for their protection, no shelters working on their behalf, no public outrage or shame for the people who do these things and a society that overwhelmingly views them as vermin and a government that would rather employ mass poisoning programs than make some laws or control their citizens. So our rescuers in Kuwait, by and large ex-pats with some wonderful Kuwaiti natives are left to pick up the pieces, clean up the messes, and show these dogs that not all people suck.

So we are asking for your support. Below are photos of our dogs that are currently being cared for by the wonderful team in Kuwait, by and large, with money out of their own pockets and with blood sweat and tears. I don’t know when they sleep!! The ones with ? have been sponsored. The others are looking for a sponsor. Sponsorship requires a monthly donation of 10 KWD - or roughly $30. But we can aggregate! You don’t need to do it on your own!

You can set up a recurring monthly donation for as little as $5 using the PayPal Link in the comments below! Donations are tax deductible! Once we reach the $30 commitment, we will note the sponsorship as complete!

So put your doggie’s name in the comments section when making your donation - and if your doggie doesn’t yet have a name - Make a suggestion!!

Thank you so much for following us and for caring about these pups when not many do! And if you see one that catches your eye and you would like to make them part of your family- Let us know!!



Congrats to Lisa who was adopted by this awesome family who had been patiently waiting for her arrival from Taiwan!! Lisa and the kids are having fun getting to know each other! The girls are spoiling Lisa with lots of love and attention! Thank you for adopting and giving Lisa a loving home! Happy Tails, Lisa!!


Congratulations to Soksy on his Adoption Day!! Woohoo!! He loves his new family especially these awesome kids!! Soksy gained a set of pawrents and a puppy sister who is just 5 months old! Wishing you endless treats and lots of love!! Thanks to this wonderful family for giving him a chance! Happy Tails, Soksy!!


Congrats to Beethoven on his adoption day!! This extremely sweet boy is now named Mojo and has an awesome family to call his own! Other half of family had soccer match to attend! Thanks to Jody for driving from VA to finalize this adoption and for waiting patiently! Mojo, you have a great Mom! Wishing you lots of great adventures ahead of you! Happy Tails, Beethoven/Mojo!


Congrats to Carpaccio (one of Nessy’s pups) on her adoption day!! Thank you Lorrie for giving her a wonderful home!! Stay active and playful, Carpaccio!! Happy Tails!


Congrats to sweet Flash on finding his forever home with such an awesome couple who’ll love and spoil him for sure!!

New name: Gordon/Gordy!! (Flash Gordon!)

Happy Tails, Gordy!!


Congrats Rusty on finding your forever home with Lisa and family! May you always be sweet and happy and be showered with lots of kisses and affection from everyone around you! Thank you for giving Rusty a home and a forever family to call his own! Happy Tails, Rusty!


Our dear Foxy (maybe by now, Teddy...) is now Bear’s little brother!! He has found a forever home with this awesome couple! Thank you for giving him a forever home Vicki and Vlad! Happy Tails, Foxy/Teddy!!


Happy Adoption Day Rufus & Vickie! Rufus travelled more than 7,000 miles to finally be united with his furever mama. The farm life is going to suit this boy just fine. Happy tails, Rufus!

Thanks to Jennifer B. for doing the multistate transport so that her cousin can provide a forever home for our dearest Rufus!


Our dearest Winnie has found her forever home!! She’s getting along great with a lab mix and several cats! Thanks to Donna for giving Winnie such a loving home! Happy Tails, Winnie!


Happy Adoption Day, Tracy!! She has found a wonderful home with a very patient couple who loves her and is willing to work with her! Tracy, may you always get treats and pets and power through all of your fears!! Happy Tails, sweet Tracy!!