Friday, March 8, 2019


Hi Everyone! As you may know, I have been fostering Andy since his arrival to the US in October. Words cannot adequately express how wonderful this boy is. He is loyal, smart, loving, goofy, snuggly, and fun!

Unfortunately he is also fear reactive to an extreme level. You see, Andy missed crucial socialization periods when he was a puppy because of his circumstances. So he has a bad case of fear reactions. I have been working diligently with Andy on training and he is excellent!! But unfortunately we can’t get past this one issue and I think I have brought him as far as I can being that I am not a professional.

So I have consulted with a behaviorist/DVM and we have devised a plan. Andy is going to go to a Board and Train program with an expert in dealing with reactive dogs. I am so excited and hopeful that this will be the last step to getting him over this hurdle and making him the perfect adoptable companion.

But I also have to admit that when I took Andy on, I wasn’t anticipating such a large price tag to making him ready for home living. And while money is no object to making this boy well and happy and able to live his best life, it’s also quite a large amount for the program and behavioral consulting etc. So, as much as it kills me to do so, I am asking for your help to raise 50% ($2500) of the total cost.

If you would like to help me help Andy, please use the link below to make your donation. Any money raised over and above the $2500 for Andy will be used to cover medical expenses for other WAG dogs.

As always, thank you for your generosity and commitment to the rescue of these animals. And stay tuned for Andy’s story, Tails from Camp.



Happy Adoption Day, Jada! Wishing you lots of love, cuddles, snuggles, and treats galore with Devin and Jordon!! Thank you to this lovely couple for opening up their hearts and home to a rescued doggy! Happy Tails, Jada!!


Congrats to Manusha on her Adoption Day hot off the plane!! Kathy and Dave have been waiting patiently for her to arrive! We’re extremely thankful that they opened their hearts and home to Manusha, the sweet doggy who was discarded on the streets of Kuwait! Manusha, wishing you lots of pets, kisses, treats, and adventure! Happy Tails, Manusha!!

Wednesday, February 27, 2019



Congratulations to our dear Lennon/Lenny who was adopted by his foster family! He is dearly loved and he gained a fellow WAG pack brother, Mitch! Wishing you lots of cuddles, snuggles, and adventures, Lenny! Happy Tails!


Hearty congratulations to our awesome sweetheart doggy, Neil on his adoption day to this fabulous couple! Wishing you lots of walks, adventures, and treats, Neil! Happy Tails, dearest Neil! ❤️

Friday, February 15, 2019


Retrievers are coming! Announcing their early retirement from a horrid life!

Jada, Will, & Jasper were all rescued from the Kuwait roadside puppy mill! They are all between 1.5-2 y/o. Jada is a golden retriever who is full of life and energy and loves to play. An active household would be best for her! Will is a lovely golden retriever who enjoys attention (typical golden) and if you love photography, Will is ever willing to be your subject! He loves to pose for pics! Look at his beautiful smile! Jasper is a quiet and calm lab retriever who is wondering if he’ll ever find a warm and secure home. He wants to relax and be your lap dog!

They will come microchipped and vaccinated. Adoption fee is $650 for each dog. Partial Spay/Neuter reimbursement included in fee. Home visit and reference checks apply for adoption/fostering.

Saturday, January 19, 2019



Congrats to Zeus who found his forever home tonight and gained a Dad and a pack brother, Sucio! Wishing you lots of adventure, treats, cuddles! Happy Tails, Zeus!


Congrats Lizzi now Mouse on your Snowy Adoption Day! Mouse found a perfect home with a couple who is so excited to have her as part of the family! Mouse has cats in her new home for companion too! Happy Tails, Mouse!


Woohoo!! Ratatouille is now Capone and has found his forever home with Melva and his new pack brother, Mugsy on a horse farm!! Wishing Capone lots of awesome play time with Mugsy and lots of yummy treats this winter and always!! Thanks Melva for opening up your home and heart to a rescued doggy!! 🙏❤️


Happy Adoption Day Bear! Last night, Bear made his way to his forever home! He met his Mom and Grandmom, as well as Aunt, Brother and Cousin. With such a great family and friends galore, we know Bear is now living his best life! Thank you, Suzie and family, for opening your hearts and home to our young Bear! ❤